And its medicinal benefits 


The CBD oil was a lifesaver, honestly. It wasn’t legal in Idaho, so I had a friend buy it and ship it to me from another state.

Medical Marijuana

People who use medical marijuana use a whole, an unprocessed plant that is specifically meant to help them.

CBD Oil vs. Medical Marijuana

Both CBD oil and medical marijuana come from the plant cannabis, but the effects they have are a bit different.


It’s insane that medicinal marijuana is still illegal in Idaho. We border with a bunch of states that run free with marijuana from recreational to medicinal. States like Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Utah, and Nevada. They all have different laws, but medical use is allowed.

But that’s how it is. I live in a state where the use of CBD oil to combat seizures is not allowed. Therefore when I purchased CBD oil for my 10-year-old daughter who has seizures, I was breaking the law.

Let’s not mince it here: I knew I was breaking the law, and guess what? I didn’t care. Alex needed help, she was having more than six seizures a day, and there was always the potential one could eventually be fatal. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for that to happen.

I know I know, why didn’t I just move? Sorry, but do you have 10 grand to just up your entire life and move out of state? I didn’t think so. Moving house costs a lot of money these days, money that was already being spent every time Alex had to go to the hospital.

Something I’ve noticed is that a lot of people seem to have opinions on something they don’t understand and doesn’t affect them. Guess what? We all tend to be a bit more passionate about stuff that directly affects us. Go figure.

So part of this blog will be informational. I want to explain in an easy way all about CBD Oil and medical marijuana and why it should be legalized. It is literally life or death for some people, people like Alex.

Keep all of this in mind as we go forward together on our journey, okay?

I’m not really a writer, just a mom looking to share her story. Parts of it may bore you, but others may keep you on your toes.


Hi there, my name is Ruby, and I’m here to share my story.Well, it’s not just my story too; it also belongs to my daughter Alex. You see, Alex has an extreme form of epilepsy where there is no approved treatment. Many others have proved it thought that medical marijuana or CBD oil can actually improve her quality of life.
Ruby R. Carter