Something Needs To Change


I don’t want to talk about prison, that’s not the whole point of my blog, you know? It’s about the fact that I got arrested over a minuscule amount of life-saving substance that my daughter needs.

It’s about the fact that our taxes pay for cops to waste their time on things like this.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have done it. But I still don’t care. My daughter’s health and wellbeing are more important than an old law that needs to be changed. The fact that I even spent two weeks in jail over this is ridiculous.

We don’t live in Idaho anymore, we managed to get out thanks to a loan from family members. At this point, it wasn’t worth the trouble. So now I live in a state where it is legal to give my daughter the care she needs to be happy and healthy.

At first, she was upset that I got arrested because of her. That’s how she saw it at least, that I broke the law to help her and somehow it was her fault. How is that fair?

Drug abuse is a terrible thing that can lead to crime and death, I know that. But of all things, marijuana is the least destructive drug out there.  People smoke weed to relax and laugh around. CBD oil does not even get people high! Maybe cops should worry about real criminals out there.

I’m not ashamed of my arrest. I’d do it all over again. Let me know if any of you have questions I’d be happy to answer.

I know my informative posts were not the most detailed, but I do know all about medical marijuana and CBD oil and their effects.

Medical marijuana should not have the stigma it has either.