Medical Marijuana And Its Uses

By Jack Pena

Glad to see you guys back, hope you’re enjoying the journey. I’ll try to keep it a bit more personal now.

Alright, so now you know a bit about the differences between CBD oil and medical marijuana. It’s probably time to talk about the big scary guy, medical marijuana. It’s important to know that marijuana used for medicinal purposes has strict rules and qualifications.

People seem to think it’s just a way to get the drug for users, but it’s not. It helps people.

The marijuana plant has more than 100 cannabinoids in it, which are healthy chemicals. They can all affect you differently — people who use medical marijuana use a whole, an unprocessed plant that is specifically meant to help them.

This shouldn’t be confused with marijuana people smoke just for fun. That’s because marijuana grown for that purpose has way more THC in it, that chemical that gets people high. People want to use medical marijuana to feel better, while recreational is all about the high.

Marijuana meant to be used medically has more CBD in it (that stuff I give my daughter to help her seizures). That means there really isn’t that much of a high if any with medical marijuana. People want the medicinal effects.

For medical marijuana you have to be evaluated by a doctor and then recommended it, you can’t just go buy it. That means a medical professional has decided it would help you, you aren’t just self-medicating.

Another difference is that medical marijuana can be bought at age 18 while legal marijuana for fun has to be purchased at 21. See the differences here?

There is a big difference between these types of marijuana. There are strict guidelines in place for a reason, and people are constantly making sure they are being followed.

A little fun fact about CBD is that it can calm or reduce the effects of THC. So medical marijuana high in CBD really does lower any possible mind-altering effects.

Now that you know a bit about medical marijuana let’s talk about its uses. Here are some conditions it can treat:

–    Appetite loss

–    Alzheimer’s disease

–    Cancer

–    Crohn’s disease

–    Eating disorders

–    Glaucoma

–    Mental health conditions

–    Muscle spasms

–    Multiple sclerosis

–    Nausea

–    Pain

It definitely can be used to help people who have chronic pain and can even settle nausea. That’s quite a few uses, isn’t it? This is why people are so eager to get their hands on it.

There are quite a few differences between regular marijuana and the stuff meant to help treat people’s illnesses. I hope you’re starting to see it. My daughter mainly used CBD oil, but this whole class of drug is helpful to so many people and I want the world to know it.

Otherwise, what’s the point of everything I have been through? I guess we should get back to my story now that you have some background.