CBD Oil vs. Medical Marijuana

By Jack Pena

Hey guys, it’s Ruby. Like I said, for you to really care about my story you need to know what I’m talking about. This will be one of those articles where I tell a bit about CBD oil and help inform you. I’m not a professional or anything. I just want to guide you through a quick summary.

Did you know that 60% of Americans use prescription drugs? They can be for anything like diabetes to heart disease or mental illness. No one thinks these drugs should be illegal even though they can be dangerous or fatal.

Yet people feel this way about medical marijuana and CBD oil when they aren’t dangerous. Let’s talk a bit about them.

Both CBD oil and medical marijuana come from the plant cannabis, but the effects they have are a bit different. I had to do my research too when I first considered this option for Alex, and I was definitely surprised that they were not the same thing.

Medical marijuana has THC in it, that chemical that is psychoactive and gives you the great high. This is the biggest reason medical marijuana is still outlawed in many different states, including my lovely Idaho.

CBD oil, what I give to Alex, does not have THC in it. It does not have any sort of high to it and can be safely given to children, obviously.

People often worry about the safety of medical marijuana or CBD oil. That’s fair in itself, and marijuana is still a drug. We know drugs are dangerous, especially the kind used recreationally. That’s why you have to remember that some people need this to survive, not because they want to fell high. Yeah, my 10-year-old daughter isn’t some thrill seeker. She just wants to go a day without seizures and live a normal life.

Medical marijuana is often smoked, which can release carcinogens like anything else you inhale. Those are toxic chemicals that can eventually lead to cancer. No biggie from one single smoke, but you know, over time. It can also be easy to take too much if you are eating it in its edible form.

CBD oil is way different. You don’t have to smoke it for one. Like I’d let my daughter smoke anyways. Usually, it’s taken with a dropper, as a capsule, or maybe even an isolate powder. Depends on your preference. Alex uses a dropper because it’s more precise, therefore even safer.

There is literally no way to overdose on CBD oil. It’s safe, like vitamins. It’s just a vitamin my daughter desperately needs.

At the time, CBD oil was not legal in Idaho. I was breaking the law. Of course, things are different now, but at the time it just wasn’t allowed. I did it anyway.

Medical marijuana is still not legal everywhere, and still definitely not legal in Idaho. We will talk more about some of those consequences later, once we know a bit more about medical marijuana in general.