CBD Oil And Seizures

By Jack Pena

The best part of CBD oil when it came to treating Alex’s seizures was that she only needed a small does. That meant a batch of it could last us a while. Just a daily dose and she went from having a minimum of six seizures a day to maybe one every few months or so.

Epilepsy can be awful and triggered by different things. For Alex exercise could trigger it along with an extreme change in temperature or even stress. This means even going to school could be dangerous for her.

The seizures aren’t necessarily the scary part. Instead, it was what would happen if she wasn’t sitting down or in a safe place. Seizures caused her to jerk around violently. She could hurt herself or bite her tongue or any number of things.

There was also the potential for her to end up having a severe seizure that could be fatal. That wasn’t our biggest concern though. We just wanted her to be able to actually live life like a kid, instead of either having to be a shut-in or deal with constant seizures.

The CBD oil was a lifesaver, honestly. It wasn’t legal in Idaho, so I had a friend buy it and ship it to me from another state. Super easy to forget it was technically illegal over here, which is probably why I didn’t try to hide the fact that I had it. Also because it shouldn’t be illegal, it’s not like it can be used to get high.

CBD oil is great to use for kids because they have almost zero side effects from it. For adults sometimes they can have diarrhea or decreased appetite. Kids get all the benefits and nothing else.

This CBD oil is made to treat seizures and is quite pure. I don’t know much about other CBD you can find on the market. But it is amazing the kind of results we saw.

Alex has been on different medications all her life to try and manage the seizures. When she went her first full day without any at all, she broke down crying. Of course, I cried too.

When she was done, she wiped her tears away and gave me a gap-toothed grin. “Mom, can we go to the park?”

And from then on she was the kind of kid who could run and play at the park. Albeit, she had to be more careful and pay attention to how she felt, but she could do it. She could be normal.

All thanks to that tiny bit of liquid that ended up getting me arrested.

This is what my story is about here, and this is what I want you to understand. That cops are wasting resources arresting moms like me who just want to heal their kids. No one is getting addicted or high. They’re just getting the help that’s legal two states away.