Arrested Development


It’s Ruby again, and it is time to get a bit personal finally. Let’s get into my story.

There seem to be all these claims around saying that CBD is legal in all 50 states. That’s not true. It can be allowed under .3 mg but that doesn’t mean CBD is legal and you should carry it across state lines. It’s still a Schedule 1 drug.

I should have been more careful.

Yeah, you guessed it, I got caught with my daughter’s life-saving drug in my purse. I was pulled over for accidentally running a red light, it happens. I was expecting a warning, a ticket at most. Instead, the cop was feeling particularly aggressive.

“Get out of your car” he growled, and I was quite surprised.

“Hi officer, why-“

“Get out of your car,” he told me again, so I figured it was best to go along with it. I didn’t feel like having any trouble, and he had a Taser right there on his belt. There was no desire within me to know what that felt like.

“Alright,” I responded and got out of the car. I did as he told me, trying not to roll my eyes. Cops these days were always pushing to make arrests it seemed. Not sure what he hoped he’d find on a 35-year-old mother of two driving her beat-up Toyota Camry.

He went through my purse, and I bit my tongue. I had a right to tell him “no,” but I didn’t want to get pulled in on some trumped up charge of resisting or something. Resisting what, I have no idea. But whatever.

“What’s this?” he’d asked me suspiciously, pulling out a vial of emergency CBD oil I kept on me at all times. It was in case my daughter felt a seizure coming on, and we needed it. This was when I realized I might be in trouble.

“It’s for my daughter,” I told him, hoping he might be a little receptive to the mention of children. He wasn’t. “She has seizures.”

He looked around dramatically. “No daughter here. So what is it?”

I sighed. He was looking for a lawbreaker, and I guess I was it. “CBD Oil.”

His eyes widened and then narrowed. “Like marijuana.”

I shrugged. “Like it? Yeah, I guess. But it’s not marijuana.”

“Good enough,” he said. “You’re coming with me to the station.”

They had a nice little test on site that could tell if a product had THC in it. Like I said earlier, CBD oil’s active ingredients aren’t THC, it combats the effects, but it still has some in it. Looks like that was enough to get me arrested and it was.

My story isn’t the only one like this. Plenty of people get caught with tiny amounts of CBD oil and arrested. It’s certainly a waste of time and resources. My problem, of course, was that I admitted to using it for my daughter’s seizures which meant I had more and it was definitely illegal.